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Cephas Picture Library is the definitive destination for leading photographers specialising in the wine, food and drinks industry. 

We offer photographers access to a broad variety of markets with more creative opportunities in the digital age. We work closely with our photographers to ensure that their work is created according to the demands of the marketplace.

Our workflow ensures a speedy time to market for your images. We aim to process your submission in approximately two weeks so that your images reach our clients in the shortest possible time. In order to achieve this we need photographers to read our submission guidelines carefully.  Email us to request a copy.

If you want to submit your images, please follow these steps:

  1. Register. When registering, select Photographer as your Company type, this will allow us to treat you as a photographer and not a client. Registering with the correct details is very important and will allow us to manage our relationship efficiently.
  2. Browse the site. Have a good look around, as the more you are familiar with us the better you will be able to shoot for our markets.
  3. Submission Requirements. For your images to be accepted they must meet our submission guidelines. Please read these carefully to make sure your images meet the requirements.
Send us images! Please email us a TEST selection of no more than 10 images to 

Submission Guidelines - Brief Outline:

We do not accept CMYK files, or files which have been converted from CMYK.

Colour space of all files should be Adobe RGB (1998). Resolution should be 300ppi. 

Full, detailed captions (see captions on our website for our company style) and any other information should be in File Info (IPTC).

All images should be viewed at 100% and retouched as necessary. Images with scratch and dust marks are not acceptable and will cause the whole submission to be rejected.

Digital files scanned from original transparencies should be a minimum of 50 MB without interpolation.

Scanning should be in 16-bit TIFF mode and all adjustments of curves and levels should be done prior to converting to 8-bit. Images should be submitted as 8-bit TIFF files and no more than minimal sharpening.

Images from digital cameras should have a minimum file size of 35 MB without interpolation. This effectively means cameras with at least a 12 megapixel chip (preferably larger).

Send to us as 8-bit TIFF files at original size (do not upsize) and no more than minimal sharpening.

Images should be captured in RAW mode, then converted to 16-bit TIFF for adjustment of curves and levels, and finally converted to 8-bit. We do not usually accept images that have been shot as JPEG.  

If your first submission is successful, then you will be supplied with our Contributor's Agreement.

Agreement overview. 

  • Contributors retain copyright of their images.
  • Royalties paid are based on 50% of monies received. 
  • Images must be submitted as per the submission guidelines.
  • You appoint Cephas Picture Library as sole agent for the images.


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